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Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009 | The annual arguments over the Winter Shelter have dominated much of the local press in the last weeks with the mayor offering potential sites in all of the council districts. Two sites were overlooked. Fiesta Island offers space, views, and a short walk to the trolley and County Mental Health Services on Rosecrans. The overflow parking lot near Interstate 5 and Seaworld Drive is suitable. In my area of Bay Park/Clairemont, an abandoned shopping center named Bay View Plaza might work if the developer CW Clarke needed the money. Apparently he does not as this project has languished for over 8 years.

We will soon have a monument sign in the median near the site which proclaims “Welcome to Clairemont”. Some residents wanted the sign to say “Welcome to Bay Park” but I am relieved that Clairemont will be taking the rap for the blight.

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