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In Keegan Kyle’s story about traffic deaths on Sabre Springs Parkway, I ran a photo of a white cross and identified it as a memorial to Sandra Kay Kennedy.

That was incorrect. The cross in the picture is in fact a memorial to Ariestotel Calumba Timbol, who died in a motorcycle crash in October 2008.

So how did we mix this up? Kyle sent me information early in the day about a cross along the roadside that would make a good illustration for the story. I headed down to Sabre Springs Parkway and saw a cross in the median. I quickly parked my vehicle, got out and snapped a few shots. I filed the photos without even thinking about the fact that, because there have been three traffic deaths on the road recently, there might be multiple memorials in nearby locations.

Here’s the photo we ran with the story:

Kyle sent along some photos he took on his iPhone of Kennedy’s memorial. Here’s one of the images:

The story has been updated to reflect the changes and a correction has been added. We regret the confusion this error might have caused.


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