Good morning from Hillcrest.

  • We’ll lead off with this CityBeat profile of city of San Diego urban forester Drew Potocki, who was saved from the city’s budget ax earlier this month. We learn that Potocki has been a one-man department and that Mayor Jerry Sanders’ Office won’t let the media speak with him.
  • City police detained former community nonprofit leader and City Council candidate Dwayne Crenshaw when he attempted to return to his office to work yesterday. Crenshaw says he was reinstated at Coalition of Neighborhood Councils’ meeting Monday night. Background from us is here.
  • The city’s downtown redevelopment agency is cleaning up a site at Seventh Avenue and Market Street that had been targeted for an affordable housing project before it was caught up in the conflict of interest scandal surrounding the agency’s former president.
  • KPBS reviews changes in San Diego County’s political character in 2009 as Democrats outnumber Republicans for the first time.

Finally, a programming note. We’re off Thursday and Friday so no Agenda. Enjoy the New Year!


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