I’m back from the weekend. Who wants some education news?

  • Furlough days for school employees are leaving parents in the lurch, the San Jose Mercury News reports. San Diego and Poway have agreed to furloughs, so this is a trend to watch here, too.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle writes that California is still deciding whether to make a long-shot bid for the second round of Race to the Top, a competition for school stimulus money.
  • A new stimulus bill for schools could face an uphill battle, Educated Guess blogs.
  • Preschool rating systems could go into effect statewide, the Daily Breeze writes.
  • The New York Times writes about why school districts in New York, Arizona and California are seeking to stop using seniority as the basis for teacher layoffs.
  • The second round of Race to the Top is causing clashes between states and teachers unions, the Wall Street Journal writes. Education Week provides a longer, more detailed take on this issue.
  • Also in The New York Times: A chain of charter schools is stirring up accusations that it spends public money with too little oversight. They don’t have a school here, but the controversy is an important one for charters, which have a big presence in San Diego.
  • Rick Hess blogs in Education Week about why some reformers could run into unintended consequences in the quest to make sure that all students have access to good teachers.
  • A Minnesota television station reports that a family sued their school district after discovering that their son, a fifth grader, couldn’t read.
  • And Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews argues that “a storm is brewing in teacher training in America,” with younger teachers seeking more practical advice for the classroom.


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