Maybe you read it; Heather’s post chastising the school board for their stance on the Arizona immigration law. If you didn’t, she thinks the board is ignorant, disrespectful, rebellious and defiant, and should contain people that can read or at least think!

Speaking of which, what about Heather’s thinking? It represents how a lot of people feel about the new law. And that’s what she’s speaking about. If the board had voted to support the law, Heather would not have submitted her post.

So, what’s really bothering Heather?

My guess is anxiety. Anxiety that immigrants are going to take something from her she is certain she can’t give up. What this is, I don’t know. But intolerance comes from anxiety, and Heather is directing a fair amount towards those not like her; though to her credit, she avoids pejoratives and ethnic slurs.

San Diego is full of anxiety — trouble is its effects can quickly spread from immigrant strawberry picker to immigrant physicist to maybe one day anyone named Heather. No group is immune from attack. 

So here’s homework for Heather.

Take a week in a place where no one else is like you. Monitor how you feel as an ostracized minority and write about it. Then submit another post when you return.

Try Japan. The food is good. The toilets work. Yet, it’s utterly different and you will feel very much like an outsider. You won’t be able to communicate very well. People will stare (or glare) at you, and some will treat you with disdain; foreigner that you will be.

It’s better to deal with fear than fling it on to others.  

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