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Arizona’s immigration politics just got local — but not like you might think.

A new Spanish-language ad compares Chula Vista’s Proposition G, which bans project labor agreements, to the controversial Arizona law and says it will discriminate against the Latino community. 

“The new Arizona law discriminates against Latinos,” the ad begins. “The police can arrest them simply for looking like they are from Mexico.”

Then it shifts gears: “Proposition G in Chula Vista discriminates in our community. Proposition G will take jobs from our community. Vote no on Proposition G. Defend our community. No discrimination in Chula Vista.”

The local GOP fired back in a 2 a.m. e-mail blast this morning, accusing the San Diego-Imperial County Labor Union, which financed the ad, of “race baiting.” GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric called on Labor Council leader Lorena Gonzalez to pull the ad down and apologize.

I’ve been in touch with Gonzalez and we’re planning on speaking later in the morning.  In a brief interview, she said the ad isn’t about immigration — it’s about discrimination. Read the explainer we did yesterday on Proposition G for more background one of labor’s principal arguments.

This is the only version of the ad we have so far.


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