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A few months ago, I wrote about popular local eateries doing well enough to expand, including Hodad’s, the Ocean Beach burger spot. Back then, co-owner Michael Hardin told me he’d hoped to open a second location downtown around the beginning of July.

Over the weekend, the U-T’s Michael Stetz checked in on Hodad’s expansion, which is now set to open this fall according to the piece. Stetz asked “But can you take Hodad’s out of the beach and still make it work?”

From the U-T:

Don’t look for a pinstriped Hodad’s downtown. The one in O.B. got its look from its customers. They’re the ones who started bringing in the license plates.

Hardin says the new place will grow organically, too. There will be a decorating party with friends and family and customers before the opening, but, after that, what will be, will be.

“We’re just going with the flow,” Hardin said.


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