Who is Vince Mudd?

As we told you Monday, the incoming president of a local chamber of commerce has just found himself with a whole lot of influence. The City Council embraced the recommendations from Mudd and a business task force regarding city finances.

As we put it, it’s quite unusual for “an unelected, non-San Diegan to propose legislation on a topic central to the city’s financial future and get it passed in a matter of two weeks.” We take a look at Mudd’s bipartisan history and his influence. We also note a hint of possible anti-Mudd mud to come: The anti-Prop. D. folks sent out a press release bashing his ideas and made sure to note that he doesn’t live in San Diego.

In Other News:

• Prop. D supporters are ahead of foes in the race for campaign money, but not by a whole lot. Not surprisingly, labor is helping bankroll the pro forces, while businesses are playing a big role on the anti side. We’ve also got fundraising and spending numbers for the council races.

• Switcheroo alert! A few years ago, a councilman voted for a non-binding resolution related to a ballot measure he supported. This week, he did the exact opposite, saying such a resolution is worthless. What’s changed? His office tries to explain.

• Supporters and opponents of Prop. J, which would boost property taxes to help schools, are throwing around talking points about spending (up or down) and student performance (improving or still bad). Who’s right? We tackle the numbers and provide some perspective.

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• Also in education: the school board president says the district “will allow any charter school to apply for the space it is leasing in the planned downtown library, instead of guaranteeing the space to a newly proposed charter school that was designed specifically for the library.”

• A candidate for county supervisor declared in a press release that the county has 18 unmanned fire stations. That’s a significant claim to make: the media might pick up on it, and it could sway voters to be more skeptical of the current regime. But, as San Diego Fact Check shows, the claim is false.

• Is it true, as the NYT put it, that the Padres began the season with “the 29th-highest payroll in baseball, at just under $38 million — or about two-thirds of what the Yankees spent on the left side of their infield”? We’ve reached a verdict.

• Correction: Due to an editing editor, yesterday’s Morning Report originally referred incorrectly to a U-T report about San Diego’s former elected officials who began collecting pensions before the age of 50. The highest pension for a former councilmember is $46,734, and the highest amount, $96,887, is for a former city attorney.


• San Diego’s fire chief has presented the big cutbacks — including the loss of firefighters and the idling of fire stations and fire engines — that he thinks are in store if budget cuts come to pass. (U-T)

• Also in the U-T: the proposed big downtown homeless shelter continues to move forward as does a plan for more park space at the waterfront.

• We’re in the news: A “not-too-bright” burglar, our intrepid City Hall reporter and DNA testing all play roles in a tale told in the U-T.

By the way, the bright green shirt mentioned in the story is still missing. If you find it, please don’t tell our reporter. “Bright green” and “shirt” is almost always a scary combo.

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Randy Dotinga

Randy Dotinga is a freelance contributor to Voice of San Diego. Please contact him directly at randydotinga@gmail.com...

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