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No chance my words alone could do this story justice; I’m so glad our media partners at NBC 7/39 came with me on Thursday to the Lyceum Theatre to bring you another installment of Behind the Scene TV.

We caught two local dance groups — a ballet troupe and a hip hop crew — performing together to a century-old piece of music, Stravinsky’s “Firebird.”

The dance collaboration between San Diego Ballet and Culture Shock Dance Center features Stephanie Maiorano, who dances the lead role, the Firebird. Maiorano is 24 years old and grew up in Rancho Bernardo. She’s been dancing since she was 3 years old.

We caught her backstage, out of breath, while her compatriots continued to dance onstage, for a few quick questions. We also chatted with Javier Velasco, who pulled together the partnership.

Here’s the clip:

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The dancers performed twice this weekend.

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Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett is a former staff writer for Voice of San Diego.

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