A quick editor’s note: We’re going to be closing the office for the four-day holiday vacation.

So we’ll be publishing our normal weekend Q&A, which I did with outgoing Councilwoman Donna Frye, today. We’ll have a Morning Report for you Thursday a.m. And our usual Sunday morning Best of the Week email, which is a new feature I’m pretty excited about. (Apparently signing up for it will give you a gorgeous brain.)

We’ll then return to our normal publishing schedule Sunday night. We might have something up in between but no promises.

Also, when we were taping our VOSD Radio show this morning, we did a quick segment about what we were thankful about in San Diego. My answer: Balboa Park. You?

Thanks for all your readership and support, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

I’m the editor of VOSD. You can reach me at andrew.donohue@voiceofsandiego.org or 619.325.0526. Follow me on Twitter: @AndrewDonohue.

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