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We launched our arts blog in September and now that we have almost six months under our belts, we’re wondering how you think we’re doing.

Do you get our weekly Arts Report, linking to the news and stories about the ways San Diego makes art happen? Like our VOSD staple, the Morning Report, we’re always looking to improve the way we share the most important stories with you.

(For reference, here’s last week’s Arts Report, and the week’s before that.)

Do you think it’s too long? Too short? Do you think we should focus more on our own stories? On other outlets’?

Currently, we share most of the links in a paragraph format. But a lot of the blogs I read share links in a bullet format, like this. What would you rather read?

While we’re asking, what do you think of the mix of stories we’re telling in the arts blog and in our weekly NBC San Diego segment?

What corners have we not looked in? What rocks have we left unturned? (And what venues have we saturated? What stories don’t you want to hear anything about?)

Please leave me a comment here, or email me at I welcome your thoughts.

I’m the arts editor for VOSD. You can contact me directly at or 619.325.0531 and follow me on Twitter: @kellyrbennett.

Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett is a former staff writer for Voice of San Diego.

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