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A quick roundup of thought and opinion in the county:

Carl DeMaio wants to cut water rates 15 percent, which is is met with jocularity and incredulity by a source in the story:

“This is completely undoable and Carl knows it,” mayoral spokesman Darren Pudgil said in a statement. “What’s he going to do next: dress up like a Leprechaun and pass out gold coins to everyone?”

• On news that San Diego’s job rate has improved, Shannon McRae writes on Facebook,

Wait until the thousands of California teachers apply for unemployment as of July 1.

If there are teacher firings, who will they be? Emily Alpert explained on NBC San Diego that the teachers last hired are first fired. Carina Wheatley adds in the comments that:

along with the March 15th deadline for issuing pink slips comes “post and bid” hiring for available positions across the district, so not only might Mann Middle School (for example) lose most of its younger, newer teachers but it might also lose a significant percentage of its more tenured staff as they bid for a position in another school.

• A couple of San Diego government department heads were given $46,000 in raises in a time of fiscal crisis — that is, now — an amount Susan Cook says is equal to an average teacher’s salary (though as of last year the average salary was $64,318).

• Stephen Rosen, who posts comments as ScrippsDad, lets rip with his seven-point strategy for solving the education budget crisis. “Tell me we can’t solve the budget crisis with a small shared sacrifice.”

• On a blog post from last year about why there are so many homeless veterans in San Diego, Tom McSorley wrote recently that:

future homeless vets are serving in Afghanistan at a cost of 2 billion dollars a week. By statistics, 35% of them will become homeless or worse. Will this country spend 35% of one week’s war effort ($700 million) to house our current homeless vets? No. We will not. Vets need not prove anything else to us. We need to prove that we are worthy of the sacrifices they and their families made.

• On the letters page of the North County Times, Tim O’Connor wonders:

Seven men suspected of animal cruelty for running a cockfighting ring were cited on Monday (“Hundreds of cockfighting birds destroyed,” Feb. 22). Then the county slaughtered the birds.

So who is guilty of animal cruelty? Give the chickens a chance.

Dagny Salas contributed to this article.

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