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Reader Patricia Eastman offered up another idea on how City Heights schools could quash student transiency: A walking school bus. She write:

I know it might be a problem finding volunteers that would run these walking buses, but it seems the most feasible when you are talking about kids walking a mile to school. Imagine my surprise when I just googled it and found there is a national organization to help schools created their own. Here’s the link:

What’s fascinating to me about the conundrum in City Heights is that technically, there’s no reason why the kids can’t keep going to the same school after they move.

San Diego Unified allows students to apply for spots in schools that have space. But the problem for many families who move, even a mile or two away, seems to be getting there. The walking school bus is one interesting idea to get at that problem. Do you have others? Please share them here!

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Emily Alpert was formerly the education reporter for Voice of San Diego.

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