Aw, shucks. We were honored to hear that the magazine Fast Company listed as California’s rep among the nation’s “bold ideas that promise to enrich our cities and economies.”

The business magazine, focused on things like on innovation, technology and leadership, put out a feature in its May issue called The United States of Innovation, saying: “These 51 ideas and brilliant urbanites are helping build the cities of America’s future.”

It chose one idea from each state (and the District of Columbia).

Here’s what they had to say about VOSD:

It’s humbling to be mentioned among such great company doing community work, like hike-and-bike trail projects, low-interest payday loan programs and imaginative education ideas.

Right now, the edition is only in print. The “Fast Cities” section will go online May 2.

Here’s how the magazine introduces the section:

The city is humanity’s laboratory, where people flock to dream, create, build, and rebuild. In his book, Triumph of the City, Harvard economist Edward Glaeser observes that to stroll through the world’s great cities is “to study nothing less than human progress.” Each year, we spotlight the building blocks of that progress — bold ideas that promise to enrich our cities and economies.

Congrats, San Diego. This is a community-wide effort and it’s fun to get recognized for it. Now, back to work.

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