These were the top stories for the week of Apr. 24 – May 1, 2011.

  Mexico’s Ocean Could Become U.S.’s Drinking Water

Major electronics and textile manufacturers turned to Mexico in the 1990s because of the country’s cheap labor and easier permitting. Power producers followed in the early 2000s. Now, seawater desalination plants are poised to be the latest to cross the border.

  Why Drinking Mexico’s Ocean Might Make Sense

In Carlsbad, desalination is proposed alongside a power plant that’s going away. In Rosarito, authorities are considering pairing desalination with a power plant that’s staying — a key difference.

  Fact Check: San Diego’s Wedding Hotspot

Statement: More weddings happen every week at the County Administration Center than any other place in the county, Supervisor Ron Roberts said at a panel April 25.

  Fact Check: No Pay Raises for City Workers?

Statement: The city has given “no pay raises for our employees for the last three years,” Mayor Jerry Sanders said at an April 14 press conference. Determination: Misleading.

  Morning Report: Chargers’ Convention Center

Stadium-convention-center combo, fact-checking the mayor again, stained glass going, community school-based reform and more.

  Low-Priced Home Whackage in February’s Case-Shiller Index

The steep decline in the low-priced tier of February’s Case-Shiller index implies that the apparent strength in low-priced homes was due more to statistical noise than to real-world price changes.

  City Leaves Planning Behind, at Least in Name

San Diego’s top planner is leaving, and as his department merges with the city’s building department, the future of San Diego’s physical evolution hangs in the balance.

  Four Potholes in the Convention Center’s Way

Though the path to the big money is more clearly mapped than ever, it also has more potholes than the city’s notorious roads.

  City Budget: Despite Cuts, Payroll Would Grow

The city’s workforce would continue to shrink under the budget proposed by Mayor Jerry Sanders, but the payroll for those left behind would increase.

  Fact Check: Ignoring the Medicare Gap

Statement: “Right now under the city of San Diego, we provide every employee with Medicare,” San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio on the Chip Franklin radio show, April 22.

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