Thanks to the many who came out Wednesday to the party for Sam Hodgson’s new book! Friends and family, readers and contributors, musicians and writers, journalists and editors, business leaders, politicians, and the talented folks in the kitchen and behind the bar.

There were also a couple of photographers, including publican Jay Porter of El Take It Easy, which hosted the event. How can there be no shots of the pickled zucchini?

Our freelance photographer Will Parson was there, too, and took these photos.

In the foreground, looking like a scruffy Kevin Bacon, is staff photographer Sam Hodgson.

Hodgson signs his book.

Hodgson with former Councilwoman Donna Frye.

The party in full swing at El Take It Easy.

Sam Hodgson and Union-Tribune reporter Hailey Persinger.

Persinger and VOSD neighborhoods reporter Adrian Florido.

Hodgson speaks to the crowd.

VOSD education reporter Emily Alpert seems startled to speak to Bernie Rhinerson, chief district relations officer at San Diego Unified School District. Left, Jared Quient of AMSOLAR observes.

Ftima Ilahi, a previous photographic subject and a friend of Sam Hodgson’s, his mother, Heather, and a brother, Matt.

City Councilman Kevin Faulconer, VOSD CEO Scott Lewis, CityMark Development President Rich Gustafson and VOSD Director of Development Camille Gustafson.

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