My most recent story looked at the legal mandate on San Diego Unified to integrate its schools and what could happen if buses that help do that are stopped. But busing isn’t the only thing that plays a part in San Diego school integration that could be cut or already has been.

Programs in Old Town, Balboa Park and Camp Palomar that are supposed to teach kids about culture, prejudice and diversity are supposed to end next year. And another program that gave extra funding to schools with low scores and few white students was eliminated last year because it didn’t meet its goals.

That doesn’t mean all of its integration efforts are going away: San Diego Unified still has a Race and Human Relations Department, along with committees and task forces aimed at improving African-American and Latino student achievement. And magnet schools would still exist as an option for students all over the city to attend, even if the buses to get students there stop rolling.

If you’ve got a long memory, you might remember that San Diego Unified used to get money for school integration, which would make cutting these programs make little sense. That funding is no more. Though it still gets federal money to bolster magnet schools, the school district no longer gets money specifically for integration; state funding it used to get was lumped in with other grants.

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