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North County transit centers need help. They were designed poorly and only benefit soda and snack machines.

We are fighting an obesity problem, right? Upon inspection, it is observed that there are not enough benches for commuters. Worse yet is the placing of the benches. Soda and snack machines are placed under the shelters, and the benches and people are placed outside in the elements. Did the makers of Coca-Cola and Doritos line the pockets of North County Transit District?

People can be observed sitting on the stairs because it is more in the shade. This makes it difficult to exit the platform and might also be considered a safety issue. I saw the elderly, wheelchair occupants and disabled people sitting in the hot sun during our last heat wave. After spending a day in a building with no air at my work, I have to come and stand in the sun and wait for a bus.

The train platforms are not much better. Not enough seating. You can seat a total of 12 people on the west side and 16 on the east side. I often see 30 people or more waiting for the Sprinter in either direction. I understand that they put in concrete seating to look good and withstand vandals, but in the wintertime, it is like sitting on a block of ice! Bus schedules were great for insulating yourself from the cold, but now those, too, are gone.

I have an idea for putting in more seats on the train platforms. But the seats for the bus stops down by the street must be put under the shelters. That is what a shelter is for. If the bums sleep on the benches, we will boot them off. But put them under the shelter where they will do people some good. Frankly, the station was designed to look good. It lacks being people friendly.

Sarah Perrin lives in Fallbrook.

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