Statement: “The city is suing the state to retain those (redevelopment) funds,” City Councilman Todd Gloria said during a Sept. 21 interview on Channel 6.

Determination: False

Analysis: Earlier this year, state lawmakers approved legislation that will redirect millions of dollars in local property taxes from redevelopment agencies to schools.

In San Diego, the shift significantly complicates proposals to build a downtown Chargers stadium or Convention Center expansion. City officials considered using redevelopment funds to pay for the two projects but now less money will be available.

Appearing on Channel 6, though, City Councilman Todd Gloria assured San Diegans that something was being done to overturn the legislation. He said San Diego doesn’t want to lose a professional sports team — a hallmark of being a major American city — and called preserving redevelopment key to keeping the Chargers.

“That’s probably the primary source of funds for the Chargers stadium,” Gloria said. “So my eye is really on that right now. The city is suing the state to retain those funds, so we need to be successful in that fight before we can really be able to say with any certainty that there would be dollars for this project, at least public dollars.”

But San Diego isn’t suing the state, as Gloria claimed.

As we’ve previously explained in the Fact Check, city officials decided against filing a lawsuit since their interests were already represented in one filed by the California League of Cities, the California Redevelopment Association, San Jose and Union City. Their case currently before the state Supreme Court calls the laws unconstitutional.

And to date, San Diego’s involvement in the lawsuit hasn’t changed.

Though city attorneys have filed documents with the state Supreme Court supporting the petition to overturn the laws, the city of San Diego is still not a party to the lawsuit, said Jonathan Heller, a spokesman for the City Attorney’s Office.

Since the city is not suing the state, Gloria’s description is False. In an email, Gloria acknowledged making a slight misstatement on Channel 6 and apologized for any confusion he may have caused. He said he was referring to the pending lawsuit.

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