If San Diego Unified eliminated all funding for middle schools, it would still fall $9 million short of resolving a $100 million budget shortfall next year.

No one in the district is proposing to wipe out middle schools, but the funding comparison helps put a number in perspective that district officials and local news media have increasingly cited in the last week.

San Diego Unified’s top officials say the district could face a deficit between $60 million and $115 million after possible state cuts and have begun warning of future insolvency and a state takeover. As we’ve explained, that scenario would spur a radical shift in the district’s operations for decades to come.

With so much talk of financial crisis, I wanted to re-highlight a graphic I created last month of San Diego Unified’s $1.1 billion operating budget. It helps put the size of next year’s estimated shortfall in perspective.

Besides middle school funding, you can also compare the estimated shortfall to often criticized administrative budgets. For more details on graphic below, check out my original post.

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