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Our pitch is simple: You need to protect your information options — the menu you get to choose from to learn what’s really going on in San Diego. One way to do that is by donating to this service.

We are about halfway to our ambitious $80,000 year-end membership goal for December.

To help us get there, the San Diego Foundation is matching a portion of donations that come in until 7 p.m. Dec. 15. That’s today.

Update: Thank you, San Diego. We were one of eight organizations to attract more than 100 donations in the 36-hour period. We are still a long way from our goal for the month so please click here to contribute and help this service thrive.

The connection between your support and this service’s ability to thrive has never been more clear. It’s not a free service, we just need you to decide what it’s worth to you.

Local arts consultant and cultural maven Susan Myrland recently challenged donors via Twitter to support VOSD instead of, say, the gigantic Wings of Freedom.

Instead of a 500′ lightning rod, can we keep our nationally recognized nonprofit news site? Please? Wouldn’t take $38 million. And VOSD has done way more to put San Diego on the map than bunny ears ever will. C’mon philanthropists.

Not everyone agrees with Susan about the Wings and folks on both sides have voiced their opinions here. The point is, the Wings price tag is more than 30 times VOSD’s 2012 operating budget. Imagine what kinds of coverage just a fraction of that would provide?

The point is, we do a lot with a little and we depend on your support to keep this service going. Here’s a hearty thank you to the following members who have donated so far in this year-end campaign. Join them.


Scott Lewis

Theresa Acerro
Ann Alpert
Dede and Michael Alpert
Doris Alvarez
Katie Anderson
Simon Andrews
Sharon Arbelaez
Joe Austin
Tamra Bailey
Keely Bamberg
Alisa Barba
Carolyn Barkow
John Beatty
Kimberley Beatty
Audrey Becerra
Gudrun Beck
Mary Beebe
Lois Berning
Barry Bernstein
Bjorn Bjerede
Kim Bond
Livia Borak
James Bowers
Helen Boyden
Pamela Boynton
Siegfried Breitmeier
Walt Brewer
Chris Brewster
Kevin Bussett
Linda Canada
Nicole Capretz
Brent Carey
Frank Caso
Anna Cearley
John W. Cheney
Thomas Clements
Guy Clum
Brian and Michelle Cox
Winifred Cox
Bill Crane
Gary Cristofani
Paul Cumming
Jane Davis
Jeff Davis
Peter Dean
Robert DeKoven
Grover Diemert
Maren Dougherty
robert dudley
Eloise Duff
Steffan Dye
Andrea Eaton
Alexandra Edmondson
Edward Edward Mahe
Jessica Emerson
Donald Epstein
Anne Farrell
Corey Fayman
Brad Fikes
Pat Finn
Joel Fisler
Chuck Flacks
Jason Fleischer
Shawn Fox
Tom Gable
Marian Gallagher
John Gallup
Marjorie Garcia
Drew Geraets
James Gerber
Linda Giannelli Pratt
Joan and Michael Gibson
Chris Glenn
Bruce Goff
Ron Golem
Camille Gustafson
George Harbaugh
Bob Hartman
Pete Hasapopoulos
Dieter Haschke
Allen Hemphill
Peter Herman
Dale Hess
Robert Hinzman
Julie Hocking and James Baross
Sonya Holmquist
Bob Holt
Sara Honadle
Michael Horvat
Betty and Bernard Hosie
Steve Howard
Jessica Huerta
Diane and Bill Hunter
Nora Jaffe
Paul Jamason
William Jeffery
Meri Jo Jo Petrivelli
Bruce Jones
Anna Kassel
Mel Katz
Kathy Keehan
Rod Kelley
James Kennedy
McLean King
Jim Klinge
Mariette Kobrak

Scott Kovacik
Maya Kroth
Paul Krueger
Jeff Kucharski
Maura Larkins
Daniel and Yvonne Larsen
Kim Laru
Blake Lawless
Darrel Lawrence
Judith Lawrence
Dan and Mary Beth Lazzaro
Alan Lewis
David Lewis
Joan Little
John Lockhart
John Logan
Eileen Logue
Jerry Loomis
Mark Loomis
Robin and Charles Luby
Paula Lynn
Pia Mantovani-Sud
Kathleen Markham
Elizabeth Marro
Chris Maxwell
Michael May
Kay McElrath
Cristie McGuire
Jessica McKean
Margaret McKeon
John McNeece
Christa McReynolds
Cynthia Meketa
Paul Meyer
Kaley Mish
Judith and Neil Morgan
Susan Myrland
Lynn and Penelope Naibert
Mark Nelson
John Nienstedt
Matt Nilsen
Lucas O’Connor
Joseph O’Leary
Frances O’Neill Zimmerman
Wren Osborn
Doris Payne-Camp
Dennis Pekin
Bob Penner
Bradford Perry
Mike Price
Kayla Race
Mark Ratner
Judith Ray
Mary Reeber
Pamela Richards
Cathy Romanas
Michael Rosenberg
Sally Rumbaugh
Alan Salkin
Jack Schaps
Gerald Scott
Patricia Seaborg
Linda Secouler
Felicia Shaw
Maryolive Shoupe
Jacqueline and Steve Silverman
Gigi and Bill Simmons
Patricia Sinay
Betty Slater
Chuck and Sally Smiley
David Dwyer Smith
James Smith
Elliot Spagat
Robert Starkey
Kathleen and Al Steele
Edward Streicher
Christine Sullivan
Matthew Thompson
Adam Tilghman
Claire Trageser
Ken Tranbarger
Ian Trowbridge
Adrienne Vargas
Sameer Vora
Anne W. Dosher
Kathryn and James Waer
Edward Wainio
Jean Walcher
Laura Walcher
Tom Walters
Elizabeth Weber
Patricia Weil
Clifford Weiler
Craig Weiss
Suzanne and Edward Weissman
Jeff Wergeles
Sean Wherley
Richard White
Richard Winter
Susan and Jeff Wolking
Kenneth and Rita Wood
byerly woodward
John Wright
Matt Wuest
Tom Yount
Lois Zaranka

Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis oversees Voice of San Diego’s operations, website and daily functions as Editor in Chief. He also writes about local politics, where he frequently...

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