Never fear if you haven’t had a chance to check out the discussion on our stories recently. Here are five comments from the week to catch you up on the buzz:

Theresa Quiroz on “Hundreds of Kids Arrested on an Unproven Hunch“:

We have a city here that has disproportionate education levels, a disproportionate lack of safety in living environments, a disproportionate lack of access to living wage jobs and quality housing, a disproportionate access to transportation. And no-one criticizes that, that is all just fine?

But trying to keep our kids safe and away from forces that can end any chance of success – that’s bad? If you are not willing to help correct the underlying problems, please don’t criticize how we act to keep our children safe.

Erik Bruvold on “The Rise of the New GOP,” which we turned in a stand-alone commentary:

Carl (DeMaio) is recasting this and seeing if you can win in San Diego by building an non-downtown movement from a conservative perspective. What Scott is picking up, I believe, is that because in times past the San Diego GOP would not have endorsed a Mayoral candidate with Carl’s record on lifting the redevelopment cap, a new City Hall, and his skepticism about taxes for infrastructure investments. Not sure they have given DeMaio a fair shake on this but, at least the things I hear on the street, there are a lot of the downtown folks who are NOT carl fans.

What is really fascinating is, should Carl and Filner get through the primary, where do the downtown commercial interests go THEN???

Don Sinclair on “The Tragic and Fascinating Life of Carl DeMaio“:

When I’ve seen DeMaio on tv or heard him on the radio he stays so completely scripted and on message that nothing else about his character or personality really comes across. It seems difficult to figure him out. This one dimensional aspect to his public persona adds to my confusion about him. Makes you wonder if he is so full of sound and fury, (but) signifying nothing? I’ve heard it said he is an opportunist for jumping on the anti-tax, anti-union and anti-government bandwagon which is so popular right now. Seems funny that a few years ago he presented Dick Murphy with a financial efficiency award from the group he worked for at the time. But you have to admit that San Diego seems like a mess when compared with other cities; the number of potholes alone seem to scream that out. Maybe a DeMaio type is what the city needs.

In any case, I’d like to be able to figure DeMaio out for myself and not just rely on his detractors or his supporters for what to think about him. Thanks for this article it helps out a little with that but it’s really up to DeMaio to help us figure him out.

Christian Crank on “Pink Slips for Teachers of the Year: In Photos“:

I for one think this is ridiculous. I personally had Mr. Winn as a teacher three years in a row. He is a great instructor and one of my Heroes. He made me love math even more than I already did. His energy and excitement were one of a kind. SDUSD Needs to pull their act together and realize that if an instructor is a good one, they should keep them. They always complain about budget and all of the other nonsense, but you can teach no matter what the materials you have! My hopes go out to all of the Teachers who received one of these “Layoff Notices.”

Paul Girard on “No. 5: Navy Broadway’s ‘Dead’ and More in Land Use (Top 12 in ’12)“:

I have yet to see anything in the Navy Complex or other “front porch” plans that is inspirational or signatory of San Diego; just more same-old, same-old office boxes.

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