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I would fix San Diego by hiring someone in the city engineers’ office who can manage projects.

On April 25 my road, Trojan Avenue, was repaved from 54th Street to 52nd Street. My road was a horrible quilt-work of potholes, patches and broken pavement. I rejoiced to drive on a short stretch of smooth new asphalt. Recently, I found a city work crew with a large back hoe digging a trench across the street through the new six-day old asphalt. I found out that there is going to be a 16-inch water main replaced down 54th Street, so the crew was cutting a trench to run temporary water lines. This is an unreal waste of city road funds, destroying the new asphalt after only six days. Someone at the city government needs to figure out how to manage projects and not waste our precious tax dollars. I would have been fine with the repaving to wait until after the major work was done on 54th Street.

Steven Youel lives in City Heights.

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