Listen carefully.

The cry from our dear friends in our hapless City Council and from the state of California is loud and clear.

Our resources are dwindling, there’s not enough water and electricity to meet the demand, but yet it is okay to over-populate our communities with high-rise apartments and condos?

My utility rates keep going up at an unnatural pace. You say, use less water, OK I do use less water, and my rates go up anyhow because you are not getting the revenue you want. Plus, you force me to fund the utilities for folks who do not want to work. Those folks like to sit home and use more water and power than I could ever use because I’m working while they are home running their air conditioners.

Our City Council, selling us out while not even maintaining our infrastructure, you have squandered all our money reserves, you will not even maintain our streets and sidewalks. It’s getting to the point where you need a four-wheel drive vehicle just to make it through all the potholes and ruts. It is just pitiful to observe what you are not doing to really help this city.

I was born in San Diego, grew up in Allied Gardens and the streets would be resurfaced every two years. Yes, there was really a maintenance plan then. I still live in Allied Gardens and now, besides purposely letting this little community get more rundown every year, you want to completely destroy the quality of life for the current residents!

Allied Gardens was designed with open space, the freedom to move about safely and easily without the continuous threat of overcrowding which the city is desperate to impose.

My next-door neighbors have a daughter who can’t even ride her tricycle down the sidewalk because it is so badly out of shape and uneven that it is dangerous. People trip on it all the time. You marked this section off for repair several years ago but it goes on not being repaired and getting worse. To hell with little kids that may get hurt and older people that could have tripped and fallen on these sidewalks, you say, let’s destroy the Allied Gardens shopping center, bring in a couple thousand more people and keep on rolling, right!

Snap out of it and take care of the city you are paid to protect and maintain!

Jim Setran lives in San Diego.

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