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Carl DeMaio has always blamed others for his loss in the mayor’s race last year. It was the Republican “brand” for instance, that did him in.

He reiterated that complaint about the brand Tuesday, in a speech about why we would not see him join this mayoral race.

But he also added a new take on why he lost the mayor’s race, and it sounded familiar:

But on election night, we still came up short. The special interests who had controlled this city for so long, and who had opposed our reforms, used dirty politics to hang on to power by electing Bob Filner.

What sounds familiar? Here was former Mayor Bob Filner on why he lost the mayor’s office:

I am responsible for providing the ammunition. I did that and I take full responsibility. But there are well-organized interests who have run this city for 50 years who pointed the gun. And the media and their political agents pulled the trigger.

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