Any expansions to the city’s transportation options — whether it’s freeway expansions, rapid-transit buses or more trolley stops — will be slow-going and incredibly expensive.

In the meantime, an array of private services has cropped up that can help you get from Point A to Point B. Andrew Keatts provides a snapshot of Car2Go, Uber, Lyft and Sidecar — ride-sharing services that have set down roots in San Diego — and what local laws govern their operations.

The Moments Where the Script Got Flipped

San Diego Unified elevates a beloved principal. A Gloria Allred-led press conference reveals the mayor’s own spokeswoman has accused him of sexual harassment. The City Council OK’s a compromise plan to separate Barrio Logan residents from nearby shipbuilders. Those were a few of the big moments that turned 2013 on its head. We’ve created a timeline of the biggest developments of the past year, and revisited what made them so powerful.

More of 2013, Revisited

We’ve spent a lot of the past week looking back at the year in news. Here’s a recap of what we discovered:

• San Diego started embracing its urban elements and thinking about how to build on them.

• A handful of chronic infrastructure problems kept festering — but there might be hope for 2014.

• Sam Hodgson’s explanations of how he captured some of the most iconic moments of the year are just as interesting as the stories they illustrated.

• Mid-City neighborhoods cashed in on several campaign promises in 2013.

Our favorite VOSD stories from the past year covered everything from the border fence, to a sea change in the legal system that handicaps consumers, to the city’s shortcomings in responding to emergencies in poor neighborhoods.

The year in Fact Checks saw Olympic lies that wouldn’t die, proclamations about seal research and a tree claim that was beyond be-leaf (sorry!).

Quick News Hits

• There’s still a shred of hope for the Chargers, writes John Gennaro in this week’s Sports Report.

• The billion-dollar desalination plant being built in Carlsbad is wrapping up its first year of construction, reports KPBS. So far, so good: “The project is ontrack to start producing 7 percent of the region’s water in another two years.”

San Diego County has sanctioned six farmers market vendors in the past year, reports the Los Angeles Times. The violations include selling products not grown on the farm doing the selling, and misleading labeling.

Quote of the Week

“I’ve never had a family come up to me and say, ‘You know what I could really use that I can never find in my neighborhood? More chips and more soda.’” — Jennifer Gilmore, executive director of Feeding America San Diego, on providing healthier food to families in need.

Sara Libby

Sara Libby was VOSD’s managing editor until 2021. She oversaw VOSD’s newsroom and content.

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