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Log on to your child’s school website and what do you expect to find? School information, perhaps, or lesson plans. But Mario Koran reported that, if a school’s fundraising foundation runs that website, you’re likely to run into paid advertising and fundraising pleas. That goes against the school district’s policies. “Letting foundations run websites means the district doesn’t have means to approve what information goes out,” Koran reported.

The San Diego County Civil Grand Jury issued a report on Wednesday pointing out that schools are supposed to be clearly separated from any school fundraising foundations. They also found that, in some cases, advertisers on the websites “are even soliciting personal information from students and parents,” which is in violation of federal law, the grand jury reported.

Startups Need Peer Leaders

San Diego can do a lot more to nurture a thriving tech startup culture, writes blogger Blair Giesen. One expert recently published a book laying out four foundational requirements for a city to support a strong startup community, and local leadership plays a big role . “Are San Diego entrepreneurs leading? Not as much as they should be,” Giesen wrote.

Clippers’ Fiasco

The Los Angeles Clippers NBA basketball team is under an intense spotlight right now due to racist comments allegedly made by its owner Donald Sterling, which were recorded and have been widely reported. Sports blogger John Gennaro, no stranger to calling for San Diegans to support the Clippers, doubled down on his support for the team and encouraged everybody else to do the same while the team’s owner is under a firestorm of criticism. “I’m saying that the longer the Clippers stay in the playoffs, the more the media spotlight will stay on Sterling,” Gennaro wrote.

• TIME peeked into San Diego’s history with Clippers, who were named in honor of “San Diego’s harbor and historic sailing ships.”

• San Diego’s local NAACP chapter will be returning Sterling’s donation.

• Bill Walton thinks Sterling’s gotta go.

• But some team sponsors are already out the door.

More Minimum, Less Wage

A competing idea for an increase to San Diego’s minimum wage has appeared, and supporters are already gathering signatures, UT San Diego reported. “Instead of incrementally increasing the minimum wage to $13.09 by July 2017 as [Councilor Todd Gloria] proposed, the new ballot measure calls for incremental hikes to $12 by January 2018,” the UT wrote. The competing measure also introduces several loopholes which exclude businesses from being impacted, such as businesses with fewer than 25 employees. Neither Gloria nor the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce support the competing proposal, the UT noted.

License, Registration and Smartphone, Please

A San Diego man who was convicted of attempted murder will get his case in front of the Supreme Court on Tuesday as the justices wrestle with whether the cell-phone search which led to his arrest was proper. At issue is whether police can search the mobile phones of people who they stop for traffic violations or other routine infractions. The case is expected to have far-reaching implications, the New York Times reported.

News Nibbles

• KPBS documented the struggles of one paraplegic San Diegan who is fighting to walk again.

• Fox News thinks Carl DeMaio is the perfect Republican candidate.

• San Diego Coastkeeper is suing the San Diego County Water Authority over its water supply plan.

• The San Diego Opera Association, which has control over the local opera’s assets, voted against selling those assets and recommended the opera’s board rescind its decision to close.

• The white horse who depicted Shadowfax in The Lord of the Rings movies lived out his life in Fallbrook and died at the end of March.

The Purr-fect Cappuccino

San Diego is getting into the race to see what American city can be the first to open a so-called “cat cafe.” The restaurants are popular in Japan, where customers can sip their latte with one hand while stroking the fur of a feline friend with the other hand.

“Customers can order drinks and pastries in the front of the shop. Then, they’ll walk through several doors, separating the food service area from the cat area. There, they could enjoy their coffee in the company of cats,” reported NBC San Diego. The entrepreneur interested in opening the cafe has an eye on San Diego’s Marina District, where stressed-out workers could benefit from nuzzling a furry kitty. Competition is tough, though; ideas for similar cafes are already in the works for LA, the Bay Area and Portland, and San Diego’s attempt is struggling to raise the funds it needs to launch.

Seth Hall is a local writer and technologist. You can reach him at voice@s3th.com or follow him on Twitter: @loteck.

Seth Hall

Seth Hall is a local writer and technologist. You can reach him at voice@s3th.com or follow him on Twitter: @loteck.

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