These were the most-read stories for the week of April 26 – May 2.

1. 390 Steps for San Diegans, a Giant Leap for Cross-Border Travel

2. The Case That Could Blow Up Teacher Tenure

3. An Unruly Clairemont Crowd Asks: ‘Leave Us in Peace’

4. What San Diego Can Learn From San Francisco’s Minimum Wage Bump

5. Where San Diego Lands on the Four Rules for Startup Communities

6. Where San Diego’s Runners and Cyclists Converge

7. Room for Clarity on Airbnb and Hotel Taxes

8. San Diego’s Post-Kreep Judicial Landscape: A Reader’s Guide

9. Some SD Schools Have a Problematic Webmaster

10. What the Latest City Budget Means for Cops

Ana Ceballos

Ana Ceballos is a reporting intern at Voice of San Diego. She can be reached at

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