C’mere, you big lug.

That’s the warm, fuzzy vibe the city’s trying to give off, it says, when it doles out incentives to certain companies contemplating moving to San Diego, writes VOSD’s Lisa Halverstadt.

The city has given out nearly $2 million in subsidies to three companies recently, and has helped far more with permits and lower-level rebates.

“But officials say the implicit message businesses get from those deals is often just as crucial – sometimes even more so – than the monetary incentive itself,” Halverstadt writes.

Atkins’ Honeymoon Is Over

Toni Atkins went out on a limb by backing a bill that would’ve given a huge funding boost to California state colleges. But ultimately, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the money, handing Atkins her first big defeat as speaker, Brian Joseph explains in this week’s Sacramento Report.

You can also read the report to get caught up on a huge slate of bills signed this week.

Assessor: Nothing to See Here

County Assessor Ernie Dronenburg admits his office screwed up when it gave a small property tax benefit to a candidate for City Council. But when Scott Lewis called to ask if that was a red flag that there might be many similar errors, Dronenburg said no.

What We Learned This Week

• The epic failure of the Balboa Park Centennial wasn’t because of corruption, just really bad organizing.

• Educators can’t suspend young students for the catchall reason of “willful defiance” anymore.

• San Diego doesn’t have any sort of plan or strategy when it comes to leasing out the property it owns.

• San Diego’s new plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions will have the teeth to back it up.

• The people who were already making good money are making even more; the people who make less, not so much.

• A handful of tech companies aren’t scared off by San Diego’s high cost of living, and are setting up shop here anyway.

Quick News Hits

• Outside groups are spending lots of money in the tight 52nd District race. Translation: It’s another day that ends in –y. (U-T)

• City Journal is just brutal about Thomas Jefferson School of Law in this piece about its financial and other troubles.

• A couple near Julian is living off the grid – with a vacuum, computer, TV and more. They use solar power, a well and a generator to make it happen. (KPBS)

• Our Andy Keatts was on KPBS’s “Roundtable” Friday, talking about Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s new Climate Action Plan.

• “The great debate in the only contested San Diego school board race is the debate itself,” explains the U-T’s Maureen Magee.

Quote of the Week

“I believe it’s time to steer things back to the basics with simplicity and common sense. Not because this board has been criticized but because it’s the right thing to do for the current and future retirees and for taxpayers” – County Supervisor Dianne Jacob on why she voted to terminate the county pension board’s controversial pension manager. (The manager is staying put for now.)

Sara Libby

Sara Libby was VOSD’s managing editor until 2021. She oversaw VOSD’s newsroom and content.

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