These were the most-read stories for the week of Nov. 1-7.

1. DeMaio Leads Peters, But Race Is Still Uncertain

2. The Busy Voter’s Election Guide

3. Lansdowne and Zimmerman Explain Their Split Over Prop. 47

4. What Chris Cate Means for the City Council (Hint: the Veto-Proof Majority Isn’t a Big Deal)

5. Peters Takes the Lead, and It’s All Trending His Way

6. ‘This Is a Systemic Failure’

7. San Diego Explained: Who Decides the 52nd District Race

8. A ‘Sea Change’ for Poway Unified

9. How San Diego Swapped One Government Moneymaker for Another

10. Whose Opinions Do U-T Editorials Represent? Jeff Light Explains.

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