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Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani wasn’t thrilled with the mayor after his State of the City speech last month.

The announcement of a new task force to study financing plans to build a stadium for the team sounded like a punt.

“We’ve worked on this for 13 years,” Fabiani said in a special hour-long interview with Scott Lewis on this week’s podcast. “We expected a lot more out of the mayor’s State of the City speech, and when it didn’t happen, we said what we thought.”

Fabiani said it probably would’ve been easier for the Chargers to play nice after the mayor’s announcement, to say the team was looking forward to working with the new task force, that everything was fine.

“That would’ve been the San Diego way,” VOSD Radio host Scott Lewis quipped.

“We didn’t do it the San Diego way, because frankly after 13 years, we’re out of time,” Fabiani said. “If people want to keep doing it the San Diego way, then we’re definitely going to run out of time here.”

Check out the show for more from Fabiani on the team’s hopes for building a multi-use facility downtown, and a little bit about his life outside of the Bolts.

Listen to the podcast hereon Stitcher or on iTunes.

Catherine Green

Catherine Green was formerly the deputy editor at Voice of San Diego. She handled daily operations while helping to plan new long-term projects.

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