These were the most popular Voice of San Diego stories for the week of June 6-June 12.

1. Chargers, Lincoln Club Come to Word Blows
Ahead of negotiations between the team and local governments Monday, the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, a conservative group that counts Mayor Kevin Faulconer as an ally, seems to have offended the Chargers.

2. City Attorney Pushed to Gag the Mayor’s Stadium Task Force
In newly released emails, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith pushed the mayor to start negotiations with the Chargers and keep his task force quiet.

3. Beef Week: The Not-So-Secret Capitol Rivalry
It’s unclear why the feud between two of San Diego’s most powerful Democrats in Sacramento first started, but most attribute it to their similarities.

4. Unsure If You Should Go Solar? Read This.
We’ve talked to several experts and produced a flow chart to follow to see if putting solar panels up is right for you.

5. The Road to a Stadium Vote in December Is Pretty Sketchy
County supervisors are noncommittal about forfeiting county voters’ right to weigh in on stadium financing. Environmental and land questions loom.

6. There Is a Bad Guy in the Convention Center Saga – But It’s Not Who You Think
Hotel industry leaders believe that every guest dollar should land in no pocket other than their own.

7. Here Are San Diego’s Solar Hotspots
Data from San Diego Gas & Electric show more people are opting for solar power in inland areas north of central San Diego.

8. San Diego Unified Says It Will Start Following the Law on Charter School Space
San Diego Unified has been doling out space to charter schools in the same way a court found to be illegal in Los Angeles.

9. How a Company Made Millions Doing Nothing on Port Land
Fifth Avenue Landing has been paid $4 million since 2008 by the San Diego Convention Center Corporation to do nothing with a plot of land owned by the public. The Convention Center wants to expand on that land, but with the expansion in jeopardy, public officials are now grappling with whether they should pay the company more money or just wait for its lease to expire in nine years.

10. The Learning Curve: When the Bullies Run the Classroom
A few tips can guide parents when a teacher bullies his or her students.


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