These were the most popular Voice of San Diego stories for the week of July 25-31.

1. Stop Saying the Chargers Stadium Study Didn’t Cost Money
City leaders’ explanation that the $2 million it’s spending on a Chargers stadium review came from “new” or “unexpected” money is a red herring. (Liam Dillon)

2. City, County Left Only With General Funds to Offer NFL Gods
With the NFL’s visit to San Diego, the mayor will have to say how he wants to pay for a new stadium and it looks like he’s leaning toward the general fund. (Scott Lewis)

3. The Strange Road to a Football Stadium in Kooky Little Carson
The long history of efforts to bring professional football to Carson involves 15 years of false starts, delays and inaction until a few months ago. (Liam Dillon)

4. School Board President Solicits Funds for Kids — Her Own
San Diego Unified school board President Marne Foster held a fundraiser last weekend – not for her campaign or for a charitable cause, but for her family. (Mario Koran)

5. Rapid Bus Isn’t as Rapid as Everyone Hoped
The new Mid-City Rapid isn’t much faster or more dependable than the regular bus it replaced, leaving the El Cajon Boulevard community grasping for the transportation solution it was promised, even while it undergoes a development boom. (Zoe Schaver)

6. San Diego Explained: Slow Going for a New Chargers Stadium
The city is putting an environmental review of a replacement Chargers stadium on the fast track, but it has other options that could speed up the process of getting the team to negotiate. Scott Lewis and NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia explain. (Catherine Green)

7. Alvarez Wants to Tear Down and Rebuild Memorial Prep
After being restructured and rebranded three times in the past 20 years, Memorial Prep for Scholars and Athletes, a middle school in Logan Heights, is the San Diego Unified school that parents avoid most. Now, Councilman David Alvarez wants the district to tear the school down and build a new one. The district plans to feel out parents and neighbors. (Mario Koran)

8. Running Out of Landfill Space? That’s Garbage.
The county’s landfill capacity has more than doubled since the 1990s, though we’re sending less trash to landfills. So why build more landfills? (Ry Rivard)

9. In Search of All That Solar Red Tape the City Apparently Cut
The City Council approved a measure this week to streamline solar permits. But they’re already about as fast and efficient as it gets. (Lisa Halverstadt)

10. The Plaid-Clad Police Are Coming for Your Storm Drains
What an Escondido politician’s peculiar remarks teach us about stormwater regulations. (Ry Rivard)

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