These were the most popular Voice of San Diego stories for the week of Jan. 16-Jan. 22.

1. The Return of Bob Filner
In a wide-ranging Q-and-A, ex-Mayor Bob Filner reflects on what he might have accomplished, and argues he “never sexually harassed anybody.” (Lisa Halverstadt)

2. Border Report: El Chapo’s San Diego Ties
All El Chapo all the time, biometric scanning at the border port, trippy vegetables and a never-ending party Señor Frogs-style. (Enrique Limón)

3. For a Defeat, Things Worked Out Pretty Well for Chargers Owner
San Diego officials want Dean Spanos to demand more concessions. He has a ticket to the newest football stadium or $100 million to make a deal in San Diego. (Scott Lewis)

4. State Probing Experimental Hubbs Fish Breeding Program That’s Spawned Deformities, Mixed Results
The state is auditing a Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute program that’s left an untold number of fish deformed and killed hundreds of thousands more. (Ry Rivard)

5. Filner: I Agreed to Chargers’ Framework for a Downtown Stadium
Ex-Mayor Bob Filner was on board with the Chargers’ vision for a downtown stadium. (Lisa Halverstadt)

6. East Village’s Art Incubation Fail
City officials agreed to end a loan deal requiring a prime commercial space in East Village be rented to an arts organization at a reduced price. (Kinsee Morlan)

7. The L.A. Chargers Trademark Filing Doesn’t Mean the Team Is Leaving
The L.A. Times and other outlets are reporting that the owners of the Chargers have applied to register two intriguing trademarks: “LA Chargers” and “Los Angeles Chargers.” But that’s not necessarily a confirmation that the team’s done with San Diego. (David Lizerbram)

8. An Annotated Guide to the 2016 State of the City
The mayor put out bolder plans in his second State of the City address. The biggest ideas came in parks, homelessness and youth employment. If you heard something he said and wasn’t sure what he meant, we’ve got you covered. (Liam Dillon)

9. North Park Presents a Big Test for City’s Climate Action Plan
Even as the urban neighborhood has become a sort-of template for city planners, it’s still facing some of the usual tensions as it tries to map out its development future. (Andrew Keatts)

10. Why People Care About Schools But Not School Board Elections
School board trustee Mike McQuary strolled onto the school board without facing a challenger in 2014. Trustee Marne Foster is being investigated by the DA’s office but so far isn’t facing any serious opposition. (Mario Koran)

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