When the troubled probation program provider, Corrective Behavior Institute, closed down last year – 18 months after VOSD ran an investigation detailing its problems – a similar-sounding nonprofit quickly popped up in its place to continue offering court-ordered classes for juveniles and adults.

The Corrective Behavior Institute lost its right to operate as a business and a steady stream of referrals from the justice system. When it was shuttered, it left thousands of dollars of unpaid tax bills and a lawsuit claiming its mismanagement once caused a woman to be mistakenly jailed.

Lisa Halverstadt looks into the organization’s homologous replacement and finds that while it hasn’t solicited the same type of complaints as its predecessor, it is already making some missteps and mistakes.

The story sheds light on the imperfect system of screening and monitoring local probation program providers.

SD Schools Trustee Attracts Challenger

San Diego Unified School District Board President Marne Foster is under criminal investigation for various allegations of abuse of power.

Despite her troubles, it looked like she was going to glide right back into her seat unopposed.

That scenario changed last week when LaShae Collins, a staff member in Assemblywoman Shirley Weber’s office, confirmed she would run. Education reporter Mario Koran’s broke the story.

Foster’s publicized problems don’t mean Collins is a shoo-in. As Koran discussed last week in his column, The Learning Curve, San Diego Unified’s school board races are weird and it’s extremely difficult to beat an incumbent.

In more education news, according to the U-T, Steve Van Zant’s built a charter school empire in a shady way.

• Charter schools are getting blamed for the dip in enrollment in Escondido’s public elementary schools. (U-T)

More Chatter about the San Diego Raiders Option

Thanks to a brief and vague piece by ESPN sports writer Adam Schefter citing an unnamed “source” who called a Raiders move to San Diego “very viable,” there’s renewed interest in the weeks-old news that the Raiders could land in San Diego if the Chargers end up in Los Angeles.

That options always been on the table and the Raiders owner has expressed interest before. Every time the possibility of the San Diego Raiders is brought up, though, angry responses like this and this tend to surface.

The latter, a tirade by a longtime Chargers super fan, pretty much sums up a lot of what I’ve been hearing from former Bolts supporters:

“I have spent a lifetime hating the Raiders with a white hot fiery hatred I usually reserve for the most vile humans on the planet,” he writes on Facebook. “I mean, seriously, less hatred than I have for criminals who should spend a life without parole in supermax prison (is there an actual difference?).”

• As the Chargers leadership ostensibly continues to try to strike a deal with Rams owner Stan Kroenke to share the Inglewood arena, the U-T’s Peter Rowe pens an in-depth piece about the general lack of enthusiasm from L.A. fans about the Chargers coming to their town.

Thorn Street Brewery Branching Out to Barrio Logan and More Quick News Hits

• The Reader’s got the story behind North Park’s Thorn St. Brewery’s expansion to Barrio Logan. Don’t worry, small neighborhood brewery fans, the spot on Thorn Street will remain open.

• Ten U.S. Navy sailors detained overnight in Iran earlier this month are back in San Diego and completing the final phase of the military’s reintegration program. (NBC 7 San Diego)

An attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most surfers riding a single wave ultimately fell short. (U-T)

• Speaking of waves, they’re really, really big right now. (Times of San Diego)

• Qualcomm layoffs continue after trouble last year. (U-T) VOSD collected the most pressing troubles the company faced.

• The beef industry is headed for a big conference in San Diego. Protests are planned. (Facebook)

• Dognapping is a thing. (10News San Diego)

San Diego Social Media Moments

• Over the weekend, I kept stumbling across this nutty video of a monster-truck-style VW Beetle doing illegal things all over the streets of San Diego.

• These guys say their activism might have caused Border Patrol agents to treat them hostilely at the San Ysidro international border crossing recently.

• I was hoping more people would’ve been Tweeting and sharing photos from the big cat show that happened in Del Mar, but alas this is one of the only ones I could find.

• And finally, enjoy this Instagram photo of a goat at Sunset Cliffs.

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