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Purposeful, conscious minded entrepreneurship is no longer exclusive to nonprofits. More and more for-profit businesses from industries across the board now recognize the importance of integrating social purpose into their missions.

[call_to_action color=”” button_text=”Click here” button_url=”http://causesd.org”]To learn more and register for the 2017 Cause Conference on September 8th, visit causesd.org.[/call_to_action]The benefits of running a transparent, conscious business in the 21st Century are vast – from seeing increased revenue, to attracting top talent, to simply doing good work that helps to improve society, it’s become clear that conscious business is the force that’s leading the future.

One upcoming San Diego event will help guide business owners on how to be purpose-driven in a meaningful, authentic way.

On September 8th, three purpose-driven organizations – The San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA San Diego), Conscious Capitalism San Diego, and San Diego Nonprofit Association – join forces to co-host the 19th annual Cause Conference, the West Coast’s premier event for entrepreneurs, marketers, donors, and business leaders of purpose-driven organizations.

Photo courtesy of Cause Conference

This year’s conference, which will be held at UCSD’s Price Center, focuses on “Maximizing Your Impact Through The Power of Purchase.” Speakers include notable local purpose-driven business and community leaders from organizations such as Hughes Marino, prAna Living, Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego, Hawthorne Edge, Mission Federal Credit Union, and more. Each speaker will explain his or her own story of purpose-driven growth, sharing tips and practical tools to more effectively leverage your organization’s mission to creative positive impacts in the community, drive revenue and stakeholder loyalty, and successfully integrate it into one’s own organizational mission.

David Palmer, Immediate Past President of AMA San Diego and Executive Board Member of 2017 Cause Conference, explained the history of the flagship event and the critical role it has played in nearly two decades of helping local businesses and nonprofits to identify and promote their purpose. Co-founded in 1998 by renowned San Diego marketing leader Molly Cartmill, Brian Hawkins, Scott Pansky and Parker Pike, the Cause Conference was meant “to really help marketers within nonprofits more effectively market on a budget, reach their constituents, build brand awareness and advocacy,” said Palmer.

Photo courtesy of Cause Conference

The Cause Conference was such an effective catalyst for successful nonprofit marketing that it quickly evolved into something much greater. “It soon grew to include not only members of nonprofit management, but stakeholders in government, fundraising, and development. And over the last decade, we’ve seen a huge increase in for-profit leadership attendance at the conference. They see how purpose-driven work is leading the future and they want to be part of that movement.”

Event activities kick off on the evening of Thursday, September 7th with an evening mixer from 5:30-8:30 to include a TED-style keynote speaker and constructive networking opportunities. “The purpose of the mixer is, of course, to meet other like-minded individuals. But it’s also specifically designed to drive meaningful relationships,” said Palmer. “In other words, if you come with a particular goal or objective in mind, the conference facilitators will provide assistance in an engaging format, connecting you with others there who share similar goals. The idea is to get our attendees truly connected with one another, get them talking and having productive conversations that continue far beyond the event.”

Photo courtesy of Cause Conference

This valuable networking opportunity enhances the quality of interactions at the Cause Conference itself the following day, which will provide a comprehensive look into how purpose-driven business and cause marketing are making a significant difference for good here in San Diego – and around the world– to help those in need.

“What’s really great about the main day of the conference is that it kicks off with a ‘mindset’ activity journal activity where each attendee collaboratively sets an intention and objective for the day,” said Palmer. “Attendees then purposefully move through the day’s sessions and activities with the goal of further developing their unique plan or idea with groundbreaking ideas, tools, and connections. The breakout sessions are not only designed to inspire at the high-concept level, but are tactically focused as well – giving ‘how-tos’ and theoretical insight.” In short, the Cause Conference not only provides purposeful marketing, but also purposeful entrepreneurship, donor support, strategic alliances, and partnerships in San Diego.

The 2017 Cause Conference is affordably priced, making it accessible to virtually anyone who would like to participate. Members of AMA, Conscious Capitalism San Diego and San Diego Nonprofit Association pay only $129 for the early-bird rate (reg. $179), and Non-Members pay just $249 for the Early-Bird Rate (reg. $299). Special early-bird prices end Friday, July 21st. To learn more and register for the 2017 Cause Conference on September 8th, visit causesd.org.

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