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Carl DeMaio, who led the effort to repeal the state’s gas tax, appears at Golden Hall on Election Night. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz
Carl DeMaio, who led the effort to repeal the state’s gas tax, appears at Golden Hall on Election Night. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

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One of the things the old landline in the house is good for is polls. Lots of polls. We got one from the group trying to repeal the law passed last year to end cash bail in the criminal justice system, which among many questions, tested the argument that ending cash bail is good because otherwise the government would decide how long someone should wait in jail.

But a more relevant poll for our interests came the night before. It started out with a test of the mayor’s race.

The candidates for mayor of San Diego are: Barbara Bry, City Council member; Carl DeMaio, former City Council member; and Todd Gloria, state Assemblyman.

Yes, record scratch, stop, double-take indeed. (This was Sara Libby’s joke on the podcast, full disclosure.) Is Carl DeMaio planning another run?

The whole poll tested many of the things DeMaio has seized on lately and has some of his trademark rhetorical framing. Central Market Research was the company listed at the end of the ad.

We pinged DeMaio for comment but have not received anything back.

The primary is not that far away – less than nine months. And there is still no Republican candidate. San Diego may be going blue but a mayor’s race here without a Republican is still a thing to behold.

As Gloria gathers more and more endorsements on the left, a lot of us have been waiting to see if Bry would run to the right. Then there’s Councilman Mark Kersey, who recently announced he was leaving the Republican Party, and has not ruled out a mayoral run.

But still nothing. There’s a not insignificant chance that DeMaio did the poll just so people would talk like this about him possibly running. In which case, check-mate man. You got us.

Attorney Cory Briggs argues a case against the city of San Diego in Superior Court. / Photo by Sam Hodgson

The poll got a couple things wrong. One, it missed candidate Tasha Williamson, who’s not nothing.

But it also included Briggs, who let everyone know this week he was not running for mayor.

Then he let some folks know, including Bill Osborne, the former editor of the Union-Tribune’s opinion section, that he was actually planning to run for city attorney. Osborne is a member of Voice of San Diego’s board of directors and passed along the message he got from Briggs, which said: “I want to let you know that I will be running for city attorney.”

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