Candidates for the 53rd Congressional District take part in a debate held by the La Mesa Foothills Democratic Club. From left to right: Sara Jacobs, Joaquín Vázquez, Janessa Goldbeck and Georgette Gómez. / Photo by Megan Wood

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Last week, we listed all the cash-on-hand totals for local campaigns. We described it as the money campaigns would have to spend heading into the heat of the primary in February.

District 1 City Council candidate Will Moore checked in to point out that it didn’t reflect money candidates loan to themselves. In fact, he pointed out, he had a lot more money available to spend than the cash-on-hand showed because he had loaned his campaign $47,000 and that is subtracted to make our cash-on-hand totals.

So, to clarify: Yes, cash-on-hand does not reflect what personal wealth a candidate may put into a campaign. But it’s important to note that loans are just that: loans. There’s no obligation for Moore or any candidate to spend the money they loan to their campaign and many do not spend it all.

They could always just contribute their money to their campaigns, as opposed to loaning it. Then it would show up on our lists as cash on hand. But that means they can never get it back. (Often candidates loan their campaigns money on the hope that, after they win, people impressed with their campaign prowess and future political influence will be willing to donate so the candidate can pay himself back. That repayment is the only legal way a campaign donation can make it into a candidate’s personal bank account.)

This week, we finally have the updated numbers from the last six months of the year. Thanks, Mason Herron from Edgewater Strategies. You can look at Herron’s full breakdown of the data here.

And now we have added both the most hotly contested congressional races: the 53rd and 50th districts.

Below, we have both how much the candidates have raised for the campaign going back to early 2019 until now and their cash-on-hand totals.

San Diego Mayor’s Race

[infogram id=”19dc833e-0ae5-4437-94ad-1edc1cac6f55″ prefix=”s5B” format=”interactive” title=”MAYOR”]

San Diego City Council District 1

[infogram id=”cda01759-e0fd-4f07-ab14-33163d0ade36″ prefix=”SS8″ format=”interactive” title=”CITY-D1″]

San Diego City Council District 3

[infogram id=”ff1e92db-91df-4c2f-b08c-6f726ca999ad” prefix=”0Oi” format=”interactive” title=”CITY D3″]

San Diego City Council District 5

[infogram id=”9f768215-dfdd-4930-9136-9522515905f2″ prefix=”GZd” format=”interactive” title=”CITY D5″]

San Diego City Council District 7

[infogram id=”15554b9f-1ad4-4347-8d2a-2692e1cc4f33″ prefix=”R1r” format=”interactive” title=”CITY D7″]

San Diego City Council District 9

[infogram id=”3ba474cb-4343-44d3-b967-055f5ad6a403″ prefix=”s1u” format=”interactive” title=”CITY D9″]

County Supervisor District 1

[infogram id=”f0f7dec5-2715-4db4-95dd-6f725b65a0b5″ prefix=”3lR” format=”interactive” title=”COUNTY D1″]

County Supervisor District 2

Couple quick notes on this one: First, Vaus has the support of County Supervisor Dianne Jacob who has basically pledged to spend her remaining campaign funds, around $500,000, on his behalf.

Second, Joel Anderson has money left over from a previous large donation facilitated by the Republican Party.

[infogram id=”8ec0bc0a-1e2d-473e-aa98-42be73863759″ prefix=”AG9″ format=”interactive” title=”COUNTY D3″]

County Supervisor District 3

[infogram id=”c185ce10-0817-4dc8-8e73-1e6716591320″ prefix=”Boq” format=”interactive” title=”COUNTY D3″]

Measures A, B

[infogram id=”bf84813f-058d-4575-b353-49e2f023d5c9″ prefix=”BRQ” format=”interactive” title=”COUNTY MEASURES”]

50th Congressional District

The congressional totals are coming in slowly. The 50th Congressional District totals were ready Friday.

One thing to remember: Darrell Issa has soooo much money. He was long the wealthiest, or close to the wealthiest, member of Congress. He has loaned his campaign $1.2 million. So he has a lot to deploy to compete with DeMaio, who has loans outstanding of more than $260,000.

[infogram id=”532972b8-c35e-4f62-be53-3fac2912aeab” prefix=”1Bp” format=”interactive” title=”50th”]

53rd Congressional District

[infogram id=”0511aaeb-252a-4f8f-9c11-7c593507d024″ prefix=”yET” format=”interactive” title=”Copy: 50th”]

[infogram id=”21b188d6-72e7-4bdf-aff7-15f916c9d117″ prefix=”sWo” format=”interactive” title=”53rd (2)”]

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