Wednesday, March 02, 2005 | A quite small complement of Welsh San Diegans gathered at a simple sidewalk table Monday morning outside a simple café on La Jolla’s Wall Street to observe St. David’s Day (in celebration of the Welsh patron saint) with a simple breakfast of oatmeal, whole-wheat toast and tea. The blight of the deserted coal mines was again deplored. It was again noted that the only remission to the sentence of a lifetime in Wales has been to preach, sing, act or write. It was again regretted that the observance of the Welsh saint David has not yet attained the voluble level accorded by the Irish to their saint Patrick. It was agreed to meet again to review these topics in one year.

Top story from this week’s Bulletin of the La Jolla Historical Society:

Lease negotiations are under way between the (Ellen and Roger) Revelle Family and La Jolla Historical Society to extend and revise the Society’s headquarters lease at Prospect Street and Eads Avenue. It would add the historic Wisteria Cottage that housed the John Cole Bookstore until the recent death of Barbara Cole. Property leases date back more than a century to San Diego’s first noted philanthropist, Ellen Browning Scripps.

As if automobiles aren’t taking enough lives each day, my computer screen brings yet another invitation to lawlessness. Up pops an ad for PhotoBlocker™, which urges me to FIGHT BACK! Don’t let the red-light cameras take your money! MAKE YOUR LICENSE PLATE INVISIBLE!

At the same time, The Costco Connection highlights two lawmakers offering pro-and-con arguments on the issue of mandatory ignition interlocks.

Felix Ortiz, an assemblyman for New York’s 51st District, seeks mandatory installation in all cars of devices that monitor a driver’s breath to detect drunkenness and automatically shut down the ignition.

Richard Obergfell, chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, says a bill may be soon introduced in the New Mexico Legislature requiring that installation, whose cost is estimated at $1,500 a car. “Let’s kill this monster before it’s born,” Obergfell says.

– N.M.

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