(Re: Downtown’s Close But No Cigar) You hit the nail on the head to a great part – I live in the Marina area in an older “low-rise.” I wouldn’t say the architecture is lousy downtown – at least it’s not that horrible suburban tract blah style – just really nothing and a blight on the landscape it displaced.

San Diego has horrible housing tract design – compared to that, downtown is a delight, design wise. However, I do not walk down here. There are no stores to shop for food, except Ralph’s, which is probably the worst Ralph’s in the chain. And I don’t like supermarkets anyway. I go to People’s, Henry’s, Trader Joe’s – there is nothing like that down here – and things are still too spread apart.

I think I read somewhere where our downtown is a “faux downtown.” I might have misjudged how I would enjoy the daily lifestyle down here. Time will tell if I adjust. I do like to be able to walk to the opera and to Gaslamp restaurants with guests – but these are not daily occurrences.

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