If you haven’t been reading voiceofsandiego.org‘s weekly editorials, you should be. They’ve been popular and generally well received.

Andrew Donohue, my friend and colleague who needs a new suit very badly, has been lobbying the voiceofsandiego.org editorial board to begin to mount a regular case against what he says is an ongoing travesty: the lack of recycling containers at restaurants. Why, after downing Snapple and a carne asada burrito (or falafel pita if you’re Andy “I’m-a-vegetarian-when-I-don’t-eat-meat” Donohue) do you have to throw the glass bottle away?

Usually I would ignore his hippy BS, and I’m not going to support writing an editorial about it, but I’ll give him this:

Restaurants in San Diego should make recycling available.

Now maybe he’ll leave me alone to SLOP around in this city’s muck.


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