Monday, June 5, 2006 | Republican Susan Hartley should not be excoriated for her unwillingness to support appointment of a fellow Republican to the Board of Education. Past board leaders who were Democrats have supported Republicans for board membership. Political party affiliation as a litmus test of suitability for board membership is a sure way to politicize education policy.

We need more moderate leaders in all levels of political office, especially education. As a member of the San Dieguito Union High School Board, Hartley demonstrated the intelligence and even-handed temperament we continue to need in our Board leaders. That’s why San Diego’s Republican mayor and the region’s most savvy and respected education policy leader, former Democratic Senator Dede Alpert, support Hartley’s continuance on the Board.

Our Republican governor eschews extremism of the “right” or “left” in public policy and has appointed both Republicans and Democrats to his administration. Hartley is in the moderate political mold of our Republican governor.

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