Monday, June 12, 2006 | As I read your reporter’s account of the Navy Broadway Complex redevelopment plans sitting in a cafe in Vienna, I am struck by the venality of Doug Manchester who values a dime more than the public interest.

European cities have urban parks in abundance and other public places because over the years they have had political leaders and engaged citizens. In San Diego we have few of either to beat back the persistent assault of San Diego’s nouveau riche developers who swarm like locusts destroying every open space in their path.

However, what was most disturbing to me as I read the story is the revolving door between CCDC and the private sector illustrated by former CCDC chair, Hal Salder, who has already paid a substantial fine for mixing public service with self-serving business with regard to the proposed downtown central library.

He now apparently thinks it is appropriate to make big bucks helping the most rapacious developer in San Diego bully CCDC and the City Council into their usual submissive, shameful, acquiescence. This is the last chance to prevent Manchester from destroying San Diego’s Front Porch.

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