City Attorney Mike Aguirre, a pension critic, tried to grill SDCERS actuary Gene Kalwarski about the amount of the bill he calculated that the city must pay it’s beleagured retirement fund. But the actuary refused, saying that he was given legal advice to not answer questions from the city attorney because he was slated to give him a deposition for one of the ongoing pension lawsuits.

Aguirre, who was barred from SDCERS President Peter Preovolos from directly asking Kalwarski questions in May, instead directed his questions to Joe Esuchanko, who Mayor Jerry Sanders city hired to review Kalwarski’s assumptions.

Aguirre said he wouldn’t make a big fuss about it, even though he disagreed with the advice. However, that doesn’t mean Wednesday’s meeting carried out without confrontation.

Near the beginning of the meeting, Aguirre accused Councilwoman Toni Atkins of trying to silence the city attorney when Aguirre tried to suggest a question for Councilman Kevin Faulconer. Atkins, who chairs the panel, said she was trying to rein in the discussion by allowing Kalwarski to finish before he took questions, but Aguirre said he was being cut off.

“You want to restrict the conversation and people of San Diego are not going to get the answers they need,” Aguirre said.

Atkins told Aguirre he was out of line because, as chair, she had the authority to recognize speakers.


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