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Mayor Jerry Sanders said he will be traveling to Sacramento next Wednesday to meet with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and other California lawmakers in an effort to start to “put a face back on San Diego” right at the tail end of the state’s budget season.

As part of his campaign platform, Sanders said he would spend a hefty amount of time visiting with government officials in Washington and Sacramento and financiers and analysts on Wall Street in an effort to right the city’s finances.

“It’s much more difficult to say ‘no’ to a person that you’ve had a conversation with about the issues,” Sanders said.

Sanders provided a list of those issues, including the recently elusive “booking fees.” Last year, the city counted on getting a $5.2 million reimbursement form the state to pay the county to house detainees in facilities like the Central Jail, where he held his press conference. Because it was a revenue source that never came through when the state passed its annual budget, the city’s budget last year became immediately unbalanced.

The mayor decided not to include the contingent revenue in the upcoming year’s budget, but said the extra money could help.

Sanders is also hoping to convince the Governator and legislators to restore Prop 42 transportation funds for localities, which could provide the city of San Diego with another $5 million for street repair. If the Prop 42 money became a reality for the city, another $200,000 would be available to fill potholes, Sanders’ public works czar Richard Haas said.

The city also has a chance to capitalize on a library program that would provide $250,000 to San Diego if it is approved in the budget, Sanders said.

Sanders said he will also try to garner extensions for enterprise zones in metropolitan San Diego and the South Bay, which are due to expire soon. The enterprise zones, which are typically places that have high unemployment rates, are given state assistance for attracting private investment.

Sanders will be meeting with Schwarzenegger, San Diego delegates in the assembly and state senate, as well as the Republican and Democratic leaders of the two houses, he said.


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