Thursday, June 15, 2006 | Thank you for your insight Mr. Kiy. As a 28-year resident, 20-year Realtor, and former Management Consultant, I’ve seen too many folks already, in the internationally competitive high tech business, first lose their divisions and have to fire 30 or more people, and then lose their own jobs.

Why? In my observations, because their travel connections through other cities, and other states, needlessly took extra time to go through their real International Airports, taking from them the ability to personally show up in another country, whether it was Thailand, Africa or London, looking and feeling prepared to make that best presentation; to negotiate the deal; to present the solution or to fix the problem. We, as travelers, are only human. Transportation technology must be adapted to meet our future needs, and a city must plan out 75 to 100 years, not simply 20 years or next year.

If a country, say Malaysia, has their entire country’s payroll, communications or security system on a computer software program or hardware system from our country – that is faulty or not working for any reason, do you think they will continue to wait for three days for someone to arrive to even begin to fix it? Which competing cities, or even countries’ sales and service pitch would you or your business be more willing to accept the next time the contract is up for renewal? It’s happening now.

If another person’s living organ is available to your loved one, as the perfectly matching blood type in another city in our state, that is more than 10 hours away by car, or three hours by air, what is the likelihood of necessary multiple flight changes and delays will render that life-saving storage and transportation mode, inadequate?

Think about it. The future is now.

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