Matt Hall’s report in the U-T today on the perpetual investigation gives us a nomination for the What-a-Surprise Award.

It’s Kroll, of course, who has already been a past recipient of the What-a-Joke Award. If the venerated audit committee does indeed delay the unveiling of its $20 million report, it will break our deadline. I’m sure they’re really worried about that.

The most intriguing part of Hall’s report today, however, for me was not the news of the potential delay (again), but this passage:

“Mayor Jerry Sanders said one of his aides was told by Dahlberg that the report ‘could slide’ until early July as the firm finishes final interviews, considers asking follow-up questions and completes a 250-page report (emphasis added) .”

Kroll was hired in February 2005. And they still have to do interviews?

And one final question: What does a $20 million report look like? I’m serious. It should have a lot of photos and be so thick it has its own set of wheels or something. We’ll see.


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