Fair readers, I’m taking two weeks off. Although I rather enjoy all the time I’ve spent working recently, my wife has a different perspective. I’m supposedly prohibited from checking my e-mail. We’ll see how well that works.

We have a fun group coming in to guest blog in these pages while I’m gone:

  • City Attorney Mike “Gosh, I’m Getting Skinny” Aguirre
  • Environmentalist Serge “You Didn’t Pronounce It Right” Dedina, the executive director of Imperial Beach-based Wildcoast.
  • Attorney Pat “I’m Totally Over Brown Field” Shea
  • Council President Scott “I Swim with the Seals” Peters
  • Fred “I Supported Donna Frye” Sainz – the mayor’s spokesman.

And, of course, first in the lineup starting Monday, the Truth Pirates’ own maturing midshipman:

  • Sammy “Bam Bam” Hodgson

So tune in, hopefully they’ll have some interesting things to say in this new forum we’ve created. Let me know how it goes.


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