Wednesday, July 19, 2006 | I am a University City resident who is against the bridge at Regents Road.

At a time when all San Diegans bemoan the degradation of our environment, we need to protect our beautiful canyons and open space. We are not Los Angeles yet, and this is another step in that direction that we simply do not need to take.

The bridge will not relieve traffic on Genesee. It will bring traffic from the freeway -decreasing the traffic on Genesee by about 6,000 cars. The increase on Regents Road, traveling right past a school and park, would be around 22,000 cars.

Public safety will not be improved, as the best access to and from tiny University City is by freeway, I-5 and 805. The high cost of the bridge, $36 million, would be better spent, and cheaper, to put a fire station in south University City.

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