It takes a lot to make it in San Diego. Housing concerns, job issues, fuel prices, long commutes and ocean swimming advisories are like the sand that got in the watermelon you took to Windansea last weekend: they grind away a little bit of your bliss.

On this blog, you’ll find the news about these issues. It’s here where you’ll find the housing news you until now have found in This Just In. You’ll also find stories about the people affected by this news.

Like EB White said, “Don’t write about Man; write about a man.”

I might give White’s words this twist to describe what we’re doing here: “Don’t write about a city; write about how the people of that city live and work there. And give them news updates and interesting stories to help them make better decisions.”

OK, so it’s not as concise as White’s adage. I’ll keep working on it. Check back soon, and send me your San Diego survival sagas.


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